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"I chose a couple of really regionally-specific ingredients. We have conch that's in there, which is from the Florida waters..." Listen to Executive Chef Tory Martindale (0.38)
The Creation
The Muse
Entrée No.9

Peaceful Culinary:
Ocean Breeze

BY Executive Chef Tory Martindale
CREATED AT Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

The Muse

  • Tea: TeaLeaves Relax
  • Color: PANTONE 7459C
  • MOOD: Peaceful

The artist was inspired by the tea, color, and mood of the TEALEAVES Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabag Collection

The Mood & Color
The Mood & Color

Peaceful: PANTONE 7459C

“Eternal and enduring, this dependable and consoling blue brings a serene tranquility.”

The Artist
Watch The Artist At Work
The Artist

Chef's Notes:
blending tea, color, and mood

“I was thinking of the blue ocean, the light breeze, the sound of the waves. Many of the flavors in the Relax blend are very subtle. It's not an intense, straightforward taste.”

- Executive Chef Tory Martindale
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The Ingredients
The Ingredients

“This light dish is all about fresh, sweet seafood. From conch to rock shrimp, I wanted to feature ocean flavors. Add in mango, wax apple, curaçao and we have a tropical island.”

- Executive Chef Tory Martindale
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Symbolism of the Owl:

With their keen sense of sight in darkness, owls provide the perfect guide to a relaxed state. Calming thoughts usher in hidden wisdom. Relax is enjoyed as a path to this peace, or as a gentle sleep aid.

“The mind settles like soft down. Breath finds a new rhythm. Thoughts flow freely, connections made, once insurmountable problems, solved, wisdom achieved.”