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"It was very easy for us, because at The Rittenhouse and at La Croix, sophistication is something that we strive for everyday." Listen to Executive Chef Jonathan Cichon (0.52)
The Creation
The Muse
Entrée No.2

Sophisticated Culinary:
Smooth Sophistication

BY Executive Chef Jonathan Cichon
CREATED AT The Rittenhouse Philadelphia

The Muse

  • Tea: TeaLeaves Organic Imperial Oolong
  • Color: PANTONE 1945C
  • MOOD: Sophisticated

The artist was inspired by the tea, color, and mood of the TEALEAVES Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabag Collection

The Mood & Color
The Mood & Color

Sophisticated: PANTONE 1945C

“Elegant, cultivated, rich and refined, this deep red tone conveys luxury, power and tradition.”

The Artist
Watch The Artist At Work
The Artist

Chef's Notes:
blending tea, color, and mood

“Sweetbreads, similar to the Organic Imperial Oolong, require a sophisticated palate to enjoy. Very creamy, with a specific texture and taste. For us, that pairs perfectly with the tea and color since they share the same attributes.”

- Executive Chef Jonathan Cichon
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The Ingredients
The Ingredients

“The Organic Imperial Oolong tea is featured in two different ways. First, we smoked veal sweetbreads with the tea. Then we used the tea again in a veal reduction of beets and beans, lending a spicy quality to the sauce.”

- Executive Chef Jonathan Cichon
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Symbolism of the Dragon :

The Dragon signifies noble strength and imperial power while its red hue is associated with the Fire element. What a perfect match for the sophisticated palate of Organic Imperial Oolong with its estate leaves, hand-picked at dawn to capture flavor at its peak.

“All-seeing eyes reflect ancient knowledge and strength. Flying where mists embrace stone, the mystical animal watches protectively over the world below.”