"Everything we used on the plate ties in with the whole mood of exotic." Listen to Pastry Chef Mina Pizarro (0.27)
The Creation
The Muse
Dessert No.5

Exotic Pastry:
Le Chai

BY Pastry Chef Mina Pizarro

The Muse

  • Tea: TeaLeaves Monsoon Chai
  • Color: PANTONE 205C
  • MOOD: Exotic

The artist was inspired by the tea, color, and mood of the TEALEAVES Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabag Collection.

The Mood & Color
The Mood & Color

Exotic: PANTONE 205C

“Dazzling and dynamic, this bright, vibrant pink is passionate and playful.”

The Artist
The Artist

Chef's Notes:
blending tea, mood, and color

“ Based on its notes, the Monsoon Chai pairs well with flavors such as lychee, floral jasmine and black locust flower. And the color lends to the exoticism— I feel like the black against the pink, with the flowers, is perfect for the mood. ”

- Pastry Chef Mina Pizarro
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The Ingredients
The Ingredients

“We have a chai ganache and a chai dentelle, so I created a lychee sorbet and lime posset to balance the aromatic spices. Pistachio crumble and basil oil add complexity to the dessert, light yet flavorful.”

-Pastry Chef Mina Pizarro
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The Gift Shop
The Gift Shop

Symbolism of the Elephants :

Elephants speak to the exotic nature and origins of our Monsoon Chai. Authentically steeped in the complexity of hand-ground cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and pepper, this chai pays tribute to every mother’s stovetop.

“Trunks entwine, reflecting life-long bonds, while all-knowing ears fan compassionate eyes. Triumphant trumpeting echoes with the fading marsala sun.”