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"I believe that my health improved for a week, drinking all that tea.." Listen to Papi Hurtado (0:26)
The Creation
The Muse
Cocktail No.1B

Enlightened Mixology:

BY Papi Hurtado
CREATED AT The Rittenhouse Philadelphia

The Muse

  • Tea: TeaLeaves Organic Long Life Green
  • Color: PANTONE 349C
  • MOOD: Enlightened

The artist was inspired by the tea, color, and mood of the TEALEAVES Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabag Collection.

The Mood & Color
The Mood & Color

Enlightened: Pantone 394C

“This lush green shade enhances our sense of well-being by inspiring insight and promoting harmony.”

The Artist
Watch The Artist At Work
The Artist

Mixologist's Notes:
blending tea, color, and mood

“ 'Enlightened' and the green hue is represented by the freshness of produce, the lightness of taste due to the tea. The Organic Long Life Green is an ingredient that softens the acidity of citrus without removing the sweetness of juices.”

- Papi Hurtado
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The Ingredients
The Ingredients

“The tea was key for tying all the flavors together— sweeteners, liqueurs, premium vodka, two types of citrus. Uncomplicated, but it takes time and effort to reach balance.”

- Papi Hurtado
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Symbolism of the Koi :

Koi have great longevity. Their graceful, circular-swim motion symbolizes that all things in life are connected and together, create balance. Antioxidant-rich Organic Long Life Green supports health and inspires balance in a fast-paced world.

“Swirling waters shimmer with melodic movement. A ballet of color as two bodies glide by one another. Wisdom gained through a century of swims.”